Wednesday, October 12, 2005

yes, i'm still here

sorry for the lack of posting... jonap constantly reminds me that i'm a horrible blogger. in fact, he actually had to leave michigan and visit moultrie to convince me to lose my lazy blogging habits and post. so, for all of you who might happen to swing by with faint but jaded hopes that something new would be here... i'm back! (at least for now... no promises!)

reading: recently i've read through matthew 5-7 (olivet discourse), joel, hebrews... i'm usually reading psalms, but recently i've gone back to proverbs for devotional reading.

listening to: switchfoot "nothing is sound," sarah brendel "sarah brendel," merchant band "merchant band"


Fawn said...

omigosh YOU ARE ALIVE!!!! How about sending me an email in response to the one I sent you months ago? Dude you're a youth pastor you can't hate modern technology that much...i will have you know that you have entered the class of blogs that people no longer check because YOU NEVER UPDATE!!!! But there is still grace for you think about updating every few weeks at least!

Woody said...

Glad to see your still alive. How are the girls? V? Tell them we said hello. Hope we get to see you around Thanksgiving.