Friday, April 14, 2006

bands i've been listening to

mutemath, mainstay, misty edwards, cool hand luke (jim deserves a "thanks!" for this one). bands i've resurrected from the library recently - rose blossom punch, starflyer 59, denison marrs. it's amazing how musical tastes grow... there are bands i used to LOVE that i can hardly listen to now... over time i've become more critical and i notice the flat pitches and weak songwriting... NOT THAT I CAN DO BETTER, just that i know better. bands i've stumbled across online - half-handed cloud (heard about him first at c-stone '01)... i like his simplistic style... he's "in" with danielson and soul-junk (surprise, surprise!) and reminds me of some of the indie-pop bands from athens like "of montreal" (not necessarily a recommendation... just a comparison).

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