Tuesday, November 07, 2006

on the calendar

the baby is a boy (we've known that for quite some time). holton will be born via c-section on december 12. we're very excited - saw his face today in a sonogram.

our youth ministry is rockin' along right now. check out the website at www.heritageyouth.org. i didn't design the site, but i did design most of the backgrounds and buddy icons on the downloads page.

we bought my mother-in-law's old house and are remodeling it. new roof, new vinyl siding, and i've taken an old sunroom, sheetrocked it and turned it into a classroom for our family. why do we need a classroom? because vanessa is homeschooling lexie!

that's all for now... see you in four months! (hopefully sooner since we have DSL at our house now.)

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