Monday, May 20, 2002

apparently i'm going through a pretty strong writing season. i have several songs that i started but can't seem to get past the first verse and chorus lyrically, but i completed a new song in just a few days last week. it's called :breaking up is hard to do:. like most of the songs i'm writing now, it's written with God as the speaker. also like most of my other new[er] songs, it uses a familiar human situation to help us understand God's love for us - this time it's the pain caused by the breakup of a relationship that was particularly special. i have a feeling that if we could experience God's emotions, ours would prove to be a weak facsimile in comparison.

i've also started rewriting lyrics for the songs :progress:. it may undergo another name change once i'm finished. it's pretty bold... this is what i have so far: raise your head sleeper | wipe the slumber from your eyes | unite with me drunks | unite adulturers | fellow murderers and theives | our love is calling || it's in my head, it's in my ear | all you'd ever hoped that you would hear | but i am just a voice calling out | :the Lord is come | let earth receive her king.: