Thursday, May 30, 2002

i got in yesterday from jonap's wedding. it was a lot of work and a lot of fun.

i'm not sure why i keep coming back and posting to this page. nobody's reading it - in fact, i don't know that anybody other than brittnye, scott, and holmes even know that this website is up. when my head is pregnant with thought, i have to find some way to write it down. i'm not a daily journaler... my writing has more of an event-inspired regularity. by the design of God i'm a writer. so, my head is heavy and i'm here again.

sometimes in the christian life a cloud descends around your ears. it seems that just days before i could see for miles... my direction was clear and my compass was on cue. then, almost overnight, i've become spiritually autistic... locked inside a box of my own thoughts and emotions. in the midst of all that is concerning, i'm praying for that candle-flame of the voice of God to spark and drive the darkness from the room. Jesus, please make it all make sense. Holy Spirit, i need you to speak to me.

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