Monday, October 17, 2005

salvation makes a subtle sound (unless you turn the gain up REALLY high)

so here's the deal... i don't have internet access at my house right now. vanessa and i traded our home phone line for two cell phones and we don't have cable or direct tv, so we don't currently have access to cable internet or whatever, so anything i write i have to do it from work. and just in case anybody from church is reading, i'm doing all my blogging BEFORE OR AFTER work from my office. despite what you've heard, youth pastors don't always surf the net under the guise of "sermon research"!

the most exciting thing happening in moultrie right now... the old crew is reconveining in mo-town! buddy (illian) and scott (turner) have been in town for a while, but recently clint (knight) moved back and now jonap (jonathan napier) is considering relocating his clan to "the city of southern living"! a little history lesson... jonap, clint and i played together from about '94 until about '99 in a band called "joshua generation." the only former member that's not around is jim fountain, who is still settled somewhere around hartwell, ga (last i heard). buddy and scott were friends of ours in high school who had a great rock band called "stinkbomb" that they converted to a christian rock band named "j.a.r." joshgen and j.a.r. played LOTS of shows together over the years and we often swapped members back and forth under special situations.

so the next natural question... is a new band in the works? we don't really know. we all got together last saturday night to play for a couple of hours (we were only missing buddy). it was, well... INCREDIBLE!!! i absolutely LOVE playing with these guys... there's nothing that can take the place of friendships that were forged through years of music and countless hours of hanging out. that kind of connection comes through the music. i'm excited... i don't know what will happen, if anything, but it's incredible to be with such great friends again. jim, we miss you!


Jana said...

You posted something on your blog! I remember the gigantic joshua generation sticker I used to have on the gas cap of my old car!

~*Wendi*~ said...

AWWWWW WE SO MISSED YOU MAN!!!! So good to hear you guys had so much fun!

Stephen and I are doing pretty good! Stephen is still overseeing 9 churches her. Workin at 3. He is also in Landscaping to help with the bills. He just got an awesoe promotion. He is now managing the company! FINALLY SOME HEALTH INSURANCE~! HA! I am still teachin 4-H in the schools here. 5 to be exact. We are going to be moving in Feb to another house here in Augusta. A much nicer neighborhood. Plus it is only 3 miles from our main church! PRAISE GOD. We have been 20 minutes from it for the past year~

Well man it is so good to have you back on here.

Keep in touch man!

Curtis said...

I WANT AN autograph when u ecome famous dont forget the little people, and no need to forge your story that is what youth pastors do:) have great day whenever you may read this comment

jason said...

eric! what's up buddy? good to see you still exist.
welp, catch you later.
mercenary bass forever and all that.

Jenni said...

Believe it or not....I have a Joshua Generation lie. Now I totally have to dig it out of the closet and listen for old times sake.

I hope you're doing well!

Jenni Thorpe Hunter